Showcasing your project to your target customers often happens online, that is why we help you to create an online presence with websites. Creating professional and modern looking websites for our clients is what we do best. 

How does it work?

Whether you’re starting from scratch or reworking an existing website, we can help add, edit, and refine the details of your project and how you want to tell it. Then we will start creating the wireframes and creating the brand book guidelines for the website. After we received all the content, text and images from the client we will create the website and refine the images so it fits the best. When everything is finished we will help you to put the website live.

We help with domain names, hosting and emails if that is what the client wants.

Your project in 5 steps

1: References

The client Gives us the content that is needed for the website. Texts, pages, images and videos. With this information we can create a plan.

2: Proposal

After we received everything and created a plan, we send the plan to the client and create the proposal for the website.

3: Start

Setting up a development environment for the website where we will develop the website. At the same time we work on the wireframes and designs.

4: Check

After we finished the first designs and development of the website. We share it with the client where we will get feedback and proceed with the changes.

5: Delivery

After everything is done for the website we deliver it to the client. If the client wants help with putting it online then we can offer that service.


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