Virtual tours

Virtual tours are the ideal way to show your project to your clients. This can be used on any device, for example on a tablet walkthrough the building and interact with the environment, or in Virtual Reality. Use a VR headset and experience the environment as if you are really there. Using virtual tours is the way to leave an impression and a memory to your client. Hakuna Studios believes that for higher end projects that virtual tours are the best way to sell or promote your project together with a sales tool.

How does it work?

Virtual tours are all about real time experiences, but this can also be done none-real time. We create the environment in 3D, and program the application so that the user can walkaround. This can be done also in VR where the user can walkaround and watch around and interact with all the objects. But what if you want to show it on a website? then we could make 360 renders and connect multiple ones in a 360 tour player as seen below.

From AR to VR, from mobile to high end PC. We create virtual tours for every device and give your client the best tours of your project.

Your project in 5 steps

1: References

The client Gives us a PDF or DWG or any other kind of references for the project, and a moodboard for the overall look and feel

2: Proposal

After we have reviewed all the files and documents we create a proposal which contains all our plans for the project.

3: Start

We will start building functionality and the 3D models for the project and creating materials to make them look realistic with realistic lighting or stylized depends on the clients wishes.

4: Check

The client will have a review of all the details of the architecture, camera positions, functionalities, details and more. With the final feedback we will start our final application for the delivery.

5: Delivery

We deliver the application to the client, we can install the application to the device for the client or send it as an installation file, which they can share again.


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