3D Animations

With our experience we have noticed that the clients get a much better insights in their projects with movies instead of still renders. The setting and movement feel a lot more lifelike which creates a extra touch to the viewer. Movies contain movement grasp the human’s eye much easier and faster then still renders. Also for social media channels it will give your page that extra flare. 

How does it work?

To start the project 3D animation, we create a script. This will contain the details of the shots. Think about what parts of the room need most attention and what kind of movements do you want. After that we start working on it, and create a preview of the shots also called a previs. This will show the camera movements and focus area’s without going full detail yet. If this is all agreed on then we make the final animation render and deliver the project.

The 3D animations are great for selling your real estate projects. The combination moving visuals and sound will bring that next edge on your project to make a great impression to your clients. Our artists are always motivated and up for a challenge for the next animation and how to high light your aspects in the movie.

Your project in 5 steps

1: References

The client Gives us a PDF or DWG or any other kind of references for the project, and a moodboard for the overall look and feel

2: Proposal

After we have reviewed all the files and documents we create a proposal which contains all our plans for the project.

3: Start

Now we start making the script and storyboard, highlighting all the important parts of the video.

4: Check

The next step is rendering the previs, this will show the client exactly what the final will look like and sound. If this is agreed on we move to the final phase.

5: Delivery

We render out the movie in 4K resolution (other resolutions can also be done) and deliver the stunning 3D animation to the client.


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